AjkeKhai is an online mobile app based platform where you can place your order from your favorite restaurant and your selected individual known as Food Rider from our network will deliver the order for you in exchange for a fixed delivery charge. The Food Riders are simply freelancers to take away food on behalf of you and deliver the food at your location. Our goal is to make more availability in food delivery service in the city where anyone can order from any restaurant from their home.

Currently AjkeKhai is only operating in Dhaka city and other cities of Bangladesh will be available soon.

Features of the app :

– Select restaurants from your preferred location
– Updated Menu of each restaurants
– User friendly design to navigate through restaurants and your orders
– Option to call Restaurants and Food Riders
– In-app call to our support


Play Store URL : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ajkekhai.user&hl=en