Hi, I’m Shihan

The Ultimate Web/App Developer of your digital needs!

Why Me?


I’m capable of taking projects whether it’s for a multi-national company or for a startup! I can handle your requirements if you’ve the proper documentation to proceed. This career of mine isn’t just something I do for only living, it’s something that I love to do. It’s not just any hobby, this career defines who I am & what I can do! I started developing this passion when I was 14 years old. I’m upfront & always honest with my clients even if it means sharing bad news. I know how to deal with the latest technical requirements and how we can achieve maximum efficiency during development. If you’re looking for someone who’ll not just get your job done in Web/App Development, but also give you an awesome support with industry standard service, please give me a call & let’s talk more over a cup of coffee!



Apps for G Suite


Scripts & Web Apps for G Suite to make your life easier in managing Google Docs, Sheets, Drive and other Google Apps in your Google Domain. It can be a custom topbar menu or sidebar panel for a Google Sheet, or a Web App that’ll act as a secured Web Application where the database can be a Google Sheet or Google SQL Cloud, or a simple script that’ll automate the process of sending a PDF invoice automatically after Google Form submission!

Mobile App Development


Hybrid mobile application development that is high quality and cost effective. I use latest tools to ensure performance of the mobile application. I can create hybrid app that is rich in UI & use Google Apps as backend if a cheaper solution is necessary since Google Apps are free of cost for a limited range which is sufficient for a startup or any non-profit organizations! I also provide support for publishing apps in Google & Apple Marketplace both!



Providing E-commerce website building & application for inventory management, shopping cart, third-party API support & everything else related to E-commerce. I can generate and automate revenue process by collecting raw transaction data based on your complex business logic. All you need is to explain the how the revenue & cost flows in your business, and I can build a system that will automate the flawless revenue calculation.

Data Analysis


Data Analysis is also something I love to do, though it can be a hectic job but with the right system we can turn this around! I can mine & analyze your business data to get meaningful insight out of them. We would manage/ scrub you raw data and analysis the data statistically to generate different reports, KPIs with visually appealing charts and graphs.

Business Automation


I can automate your online business & reports generating in G Suite or any other hosted platform. I develop scripts or apps that can work as a solution combining your application for business/work. I can also integrate any third party service using their API for making an application more robust & rich in development!

Game Development


I’m really passionate about Game Development & I can develop 2D games based on Web & Mobile App. Using HTML5, Javascript & other frameworks, it’s now possible to make 2D games at an affordable cost! If you’ve something in mind for making a game for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m all ears!



Amber Khanna

Shihan, mate I have to THANK you from the bottom of my heart for all your help & support. You really outperformed my expectations. Really valued your input and appreciate your help. Thank you. I would recommend Shihan to anyone.

Thomas Urban

He works fast and delivers what was demanded. What I liked most was, Shihan asked a lot very detailed questions upfront so you got the feeling he really wants to understand the job. Will rehire him.

Syed Rubayyat Akbar

We were on a tight schedule and we needed someone who could pull up the task quickly. Shihan did a great job with quick response and took the time to understand what we were looking for to accomplish. Plan to use him in future for similar projects. Thanks.

David Pauli

Shihan and his work are superb. We will continue to work with him on future projects. Highly recommend Shihan.

Alan Contoz

Shihan offered a great service from the beginning to the end of the project. Apart from the strong development skills, he has been outstanding also in terms of client communication and support, always available and willing to help. He was able to give many useful recommendations not only related to product development but also to marketing, which wasn’t part of his scope. I really enjoyed the collaboration and would recommend Shihan to anyone looking for an expert and committed developer!

Sean Berkstresser

Great communication and flexibility to accommodate our necessary timeline. Would hire Shihan again in the future.

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Game Development


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